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Clinical Therapy Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of getting to work with Monique while she was still at her Portland Office. At that time, I started individual therapy and the level of sincerity, communication and support was so stellar, my wife and I decided to start seeing Monique both individually and as a couple. We have seen tremendous gains in how we talk and share our feelings and how to approach obstacles. We have also gained a greater perspective on gratitude and doing check-ins to solve issues before they become large scale. We were unsure what to expect when Monique transitioned to using an online HIPAA compliant platform for our sessions. We didn't want to lose the foundation we had with such a motivating and genuine therapist. All of our concerns were totally unfounded! Monique's warmth and support comes through just as clearly as if you were sitting in her office. I have recommended video conference therapy to friends and family because it makes it more convenient, no parking the car, no missing the bus, no hassles! Nothing is lost over video because Monique is one of the most compassionate and real therapists. She has helped us navigate our life challenges with warmth and a smile.” D.W.

I very much appreciate the grace and patience you have extended to me as I take my two steps forward and in some cases take a step and a half back.  In addition, I appreciate your approach to guidance.  I liken counseling to a high wire act in which one must balance comfort and reassurance with some potentially uncomfortable truths.  The high wire in this case is trust, and if trust is broken or perceived as betrayed the longest of falls can result.  As I have mentioned to you in the past, while I readily give most individuals benefit of the doubt, my trust must always earned.  You have done such, as I know that whatever I may come to you with you’ll be ready for it with a boxing glove on one hand and a kid glove on the other.” C.K.

"For those looking for a great therapist, you must consider Dr. Burns. She is all things good therapists should be: compassionate, insightful, full of empathy and kind. She also has a good sense of humor, which can help relieve anxiety and stressful times.

I made more progress in my own self-journey with her in 18 months than I did in 10 years with my prior therapist. She helped dramatically with a tough individual and family situation. 

I highly recommend Dr. Burns for any therapy situation. She rates 'five stars' out of five stars.

The best of the best." RSH

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