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​For the past 32 years, I have held positions in clinical, administrative, and academic social work. I started my career in public child welfare, and have worked as a child protective services caseworker, foster care certifier, family sex abuse treatment specialist, and runaway and homeless family/crisis therapist.


After completing my Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Liberal Arts, I pursued and earned my Masters of Social Work degree (MSW) from Portland State University, Graduate School of Social Work. I later went on to earn my PhD in Social Work from Indiana University School of Social Work (2000-2006) where I was a research assistant for the first 2 ½ years of the program, and also worked as an adjunct professor in the BSW and MSW programs.


After completing course work for my PhD, I was hired as the Outcome Project Coordinator for the Indiana Association of Child & Family Services (IARCCA), Institute for Excellence, Inc., which operates the largest outcome measures project in the country. 


Following 5 years with IARCCA, I was offered the position of Senior Director at Lutheran Child & Family Services (LCFS), where I directed the clinical teams for residential and community-based services.


I then worked in academe as a professor for a number of years until relocating to Liberty Missouri.


Because of the depth of my experience in child welfare and my educational background, law firms across the country have retained my services as an Expert Witness / Consultant in child welfare matters.


I also present at local and national conferences on clinical topics ranging from working with the sexually abused child to administrative topics of organizational learning; organizational change; strengthening supervision skills; outcome measures practice and use. Most recently having presented on Self-Care to teams at a local hospital.