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Timing Does Make A Difference

According to Daniel H. Pink (2018), time shapes our productivity, health and well-being.

We are smarter and more creative at different times of day than others.

We are more effective at some tasks earlier in the day than later in the day.

Generally, we experience the day in three distinct sections: a peak, a trough, and a rebound.

One in five people are known as chrono-types or “night owls” who experience the three sections of the day in reverse order.

During Peak Time – our focus is best. This is typically late morning until noon or so. This is the time to tackle work that requires heads-down attention and analysis.

The Trough typically is early to mid-afternoon, and is where we experience a lull on our ability to stay focused. This may be a better time to respond to emails, filing and other less demanding tasks.

Rebound is the 3rd stage – typically the late afternoon, early evening. Brainstorming sessions, and creative pursuits fit well in this section of the day.

The idea is to seek the “synchrony effect” – bringing your daily rhythm and tasks and time into alignment.

Short breaks help us maintain focus – short walking breaks are ideal – get the blood flowing and oxygen moving through the body! Tech free breaks are best!

Please check our Daniel H. Pink’s book,When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing (2018), Riverhead Book Publishing.

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