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Telmental Health

Technology is making mental health services accessible to more people.

Many people are unable to get in to see a mental health provider due to practices being full, transportation issues, inability to leave home, the list of barriers goes on.

I have been providing tele mental health services for the past six month which has allowed me to serve clients from afar, as well as to provide for clients who, due to work schedules and travel, would otherwise not be able to make an appointment.

Research indicates nearly 80 million Americans live in areas with a shortage of mental health services (U.S. Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration as cited by Novotney, 2011).

Research demonstrates the differences between tele mental health services and face-to-face are not statistically significant (2008, Journal of Technology in Human Services, 26(2), and that there is high patient satisfaction (2009, Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice,16(3).

Novotney, A. (2011). A new emphasis on telehealth: How can psychologists stay ahead of the curve — and keep patients safe? Monitor on Psychology, 42(6), Home//Monitor on Psychology//June 2011 Monitor on Psychology//A new emphasis on telehealth

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